Your love that makes all perish

Lost in the noise I stumble through darkness, the darkness that contains light. Moon’s splendor I raise my eyes towards eternal light. Moon shall perish but our essence may not. Through you I experience myself. How could I not for you are the mirror to my soul? Lessons in life, I feel lost in your sense of security. Strenuously I surrender the I, not known before I met you. Or maybe we met and I just never knew. Weeping with longing, I curl myself up into nothingness. One glass raised by you, you pour the content out. You say: To know me is to perish. Egoless I crawl towards your feet.

Heart beating fast, pounding in my chest, afraid to die, I cry instead of laughing. Beauty is at hand that we seek, but nothingness comes first. Try to go your own way, she says. Lost in the noise of spheric sounds, I try to hear my own voice. Heart to heart, I never fail to remember you.
Your face has no name, your name no face. All know you, but no one knows you all the way. Impossible dreams come true.

Stars align when one speaks your name, a taste of freedom ready to burst into comets. Dying before one dies, rest assured she says that no one hears my call. Try to remember yesterday as if it were tomorrow, once you seek my advice. Let all things go for they hold nothing but a part of life. Sometimes you make me stagger along and wonder whether you have left, but you cannot, that is my own will. I sought you out and now you remain. Eternally.

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