This love

“I am the one I love,
the one I love is me.”

  • Al Hallaj

This infamous unconditional love that remains the indwelling spirit of all that exists in this Universe can never be extinguished. It burns like a flame in every single human being. Sleep-walking many mistake lust or affection for love. It is not so, because how can one feel love if one wants to possess a person. It is impossible.
And so, many wander around in the darkness, bound by their own desires, caught up in repeating patterns of phantasies that may have never existed.

But the one who really discovers love shall become ever graceful. You can see it in their face, their gait is different, their spine more erect, their smile luminous, and their heart glows bright for others to see in the dark. Oh how lost then everyone else seems. Only the heart is able to perceive things that others cannot. Only the heart can grant liberation of this cycle of desires and suffering.
A woolen heart, the Sufis say, one must possess: It shall become so soft that all armor and egotistical patterns are dissolved. Only then one is able to perceive the universe.
The sun is ever-shining for the one who understands this silent space within.
Peace and beauty are forever theirs.

How odd to then see people caught up in drama, in agony… Sad, my heart sometimes weeps, so I send them love. Let them shine like I do, I have enough of it all, so I can spare a little here and there.

Remember that the world is truly a beautiful place, but that you project whatever is inside of you. You create this world, so now create a better world, one where everyone can find unconditional love.
Make an effort. Love yourself first every single moment of the day.
Then extend that love towards others: Animals, plants, lakes, the ocean, people,… Once all is bathed in love, nothing can go wrong. But it may take some time.

Be that love!

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