The whole Universe in Your Chest

What if I told you that there exists a grandness to this life that you just need to start perceiving. Not only once in a while when luck is running high, but all the time, whether you feel ill or you feel healthy. This grandeur is something in-built in each human being, much like love, it is a width that opens into the whole of the Universe, it is something so unfathomable that you remain speechless each time that you touch it. Each time a little bit more. It is the inner happiness, the guidance that you never thought you knew.
It is the laughter that resides in your chest, the breath that moves continuously, the smile of a stranger, the hand that guides you through the night, the voice that speaks louder than anything, yet remains silent. You can find it in the flight of a bird.
You can find it in the message of the wind.
A musical piece, the interconnectedness that one may feel at just looking at the evening sky.

It is something so grand that one will always be unable to explain it to another.
It will leave you speechless, breathless, it will sit in your chest as a glowing coal that always is accessible as infinity moving into oneness.

It is this that creates a new reality, a universe that only YOU create.

Not anyone else but you.

Remain in this grandeur of life for it is the key to the Universe.

What a beautiful world!

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