The search for happiness

Life is not always fun, admittedly. even though this blog is called a beautiful world.
There are tragic accidents that happen to people, one may encounter a serious illness that stops us in their tracks, and often I realize that most people waster their life away.
In silly pursuits of security, of being safe and secure. But if it was one thing that covid showed us: There is no security and we certainly cannot control anything.
But does that not hold the beauty of life?
What if all was always secure, if we knew with exact certainty what would happen next, whom we would meet? It would be rather boring to see all of it and never be taken by surprise.

It would be dreary to try and control an outcome or our lifeline, we can just experience it as it is.

Admittedly, for those of you who are awakened, there is some form of control, but how it all may come to pass, one can never say for certain.
The element of surprise that holds a key to everyone’s heart. We can accept what is and then make a conscious decision and change or remain in the same old dreary patterns that we have bought into our whole lifetime. However, for most people it is rather uncomfortable to change and worse even to look at oneself.

But once you look at yourself, you will see the world reflected in your outer world. Depending on your state, it may be luminous or dreary. This is a choice that each person can make, no exception.

So what do YOU choose? Illumination or depression?
Anger or joy?

It may take some time, I admit. You will experience many set-backs, but it can be done by anyone. You can look for this happiness and you shall come to the conclusion, that, no matter where life leads you, you can find it, because it resides inside of you.

Make a conscious choice about it right now and see the world as you wish. Will it be rich in experience or lack luster and become all grey?

Do it now and put all your might into it. You have a choice, even though many will tell you that you don’t. But you do. Dream the dream. The bigger the better!

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