Zeitreise – Time travel

The skies were blue as she looked up into the wide space that opened on top of her. Her legs shaking from joy, her body swaying in a mild dance of energy. As if touched by God, everything lite up around and within her. The skies turned more luminous, the plants and animals were full of light, their luminescence spiraling out and making her laugh.
The squirrels that ran by were intertwined in a play of hide and seek, chasing each other through the midst of the forest. Wherever she stepped, grass seemed to sprout and the fertile earth underneath her feet turned into a carpet of lush green. Little lights started to dance inside her irises and with her breath, she exhaled the dark matter that had manifested within her consciousness.
The more she walked among the trees and animals of the forest, the lighter she felt. It was as if a song was emanating out from her heart that was leading her along a path that she seemed to remember from ancient times. From times long buried deep inside of her crevasses of her heart. Maybe those were memories from past lives. Who knew? Shrugging her shoulders, she kept on walking when her gait turned into a dance. Whirling like a dervish she laughed and the wind around her swirled in blue timeless essence.
All was one, the river nearby embracing her with her coolness while the scent of the tress enveloping her whole being.

Who was she at the core?, she wondered.

No one. So she could be anyone.

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