We are vagabonds

Mirror touch synesthesia. Odd thing to have in a world that is down trodden with fear. Mirror neurons process things from others and make it seem as if it was one’s own. Or it actually is.
The good and the bad stuff. On sunny days when people are happy, I am actually ecstatic. When people are miserable, it is like sodom and gomorrha.
It is also called being a super empath having a superhuman DNA. Welcome to the club and I hope that you may not be one. Or maybe you are one and you are not living in a “normal” world.
I am and it is a living nightmare I have to say. Trying to sift through one’s own energy and also that of others is a tiring business. And guess what: It is a gift.
Because no one can lie to you, no one can pretend that they like you, you even see right through their facade. Even others are not aware of what they truly are. They see themselves in a very convoluted state of being, an image that the ego has built up.
So where does it leave one? It leaves one having to step out of the comfort zone. You have to find a job that is just not normal to everyone else. You have to live a life that corresponds to your empath abilities.
I have tried for six months to live in the normal world. Whereas it is extremely beautiful, I am deeply challenged to hold a normal job due to emotions of others, thought-forms, diseases, etc. Whatever you can imagine, it does actually exist.
Where does it leave me? Nowhere I would say. It leaves me in an in-between world that is mesmerizing, extremely beautiful, colorful, and not known to others. But on the other hand: It is detrimental to be in public most times.

What to do as a super human empath?

You just take some time out and you leave everything behind.
As always, we are the vagabonds, the gypsies, the artist, the writer, the healer, and the magician, the witch that heals with herbs. We are the outcasts and the pirates. We are nothing, so we can be love.
Filled with light, we radiate into infinity.


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