You are the illness and you are the cure

“You are everything that is wrong with me.
But at the same time, you are my sickness.
Oh, what can I say?
You are everything to me.
My virtue, my vice.
My sickness and my remedy.”

– Nizami

Morsels of Grace we are in a Universe that is so vast that it is impossible to comprehend.
With each breath, with each step that we take, with each smile that we cast at another, we evolve and can let ourselves fall into the abyss that is infinite.
How then can we walk in despair for everything that we touch, see, smell, and experience is part of this Grace?
Is it not that we should rejoice in our very existence, for this existence consists of sound. A universal sound, and each human Being is its harmony. A large resonant body that is being attuned to the Universe. If we loose this resonance, we fall ill, become depressed, and forget that this sound is the very nature which expresses itself in the feeling of love.
We should fall in love each and every moment, every step of the way. Fall in love with ourselves, fall in love with others, with life itself and experience the grandness of a life that is. We cannot stand to be separated from this frequency of love for the the very fabric of life is made from it all. All is constructed in this eternal love.
It is only us who become too blind to see, too caught up in every day life to experience harmony, too confused to understand that we are our own illness, yet, we remain our own cure. That no doctor, no healer, no one can heal us but ourselves. Everything else is but a mirage as we create often a convoluted universe, a restricted way of being. Do not let yourself be trodden down by others. Elevate the Self by the Self. Be brilliant and be wonderful towards yourself.

And you will see that you will experience harmony.


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