Dismantling of the ego


A big word with three letters.
We all have one and often it is standing in our way of happiness.
It can even create physical issues.
When we become selfish we create our own suffering over and over and over again until we realize that we are our own worst enemy.

Someone said to me once: “I don’t have an ego!”
I remember looking at him quizzically, not mentioning that every person has one to some extent.
In some it creates an ego pride, a sort of masking of how we truly are. Even a sense of superiority.
In some it creates intense shyness and a hiding from the world, a not wanting to confront one’s issues.
In some it creates a form of judgmental alter-ego. Everyone is wrong and I am right.
And most times it seems to be a combination of several at once.

For sure in my case they are all in there.
The more one notices the nuances that the ego structure creates, the harder it will be. I used to think it would get easier, but it just gets harder all the time. Because some nuances are so subtle that one may miss them and then discard them as someone else’s. It can also be a shocking moment that there are nuances of violence, hate, aggression, jealousy, or any other element in there. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said once that he still has emotions, but that he lets them run through him. He does not grasp, attach, or react. What a superhuman feat.

It is best to become the witness and to see where we still react, where we may still have an old belief structure that is a form of ego tendency.
The more we understand ourselves, the better we also know others.
Which is a bit much and often scary, because people will be unable to lie to one or hide anything. You can know things about them that they don’t even know about themselves.

Hence, let us all try to be less ego-centric and more altruistic.
The truth has many versions and shades of grey, but the more the ego structure falls away, the more access one has to the full scope of the bits and bobs of truth.

Then we can take reality as it is.
Not as a form of escape.

Om shanti


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