Layers of love

This morning I read a post by Sri M where he stated that Swami Vivekananda said that the only thing that you need on a spiritual path is love. The amount of love that runs through a person determines their progression.

I had been struggling with some fear-based concepts and given into a bit of despair that had kept me locked in place. I always suffer when this happens. It was only me, but no one else and so I needed to return to love. Apparently Swami Vivekananda said that if one cannot feel the pain of others, one does not have any love. So I must have tons of love, because I feel all this all the time now. It has not seized. Sometimes it increases and sometimes it diminishes a little. That’s all. But it is always there. And trust me that when I say that there is a lot of suffering in this world. So many people are unwell, may it be in their hearts, their mental states or later on in their physical bodies. Most people are just not well. They may put up a smile or be very cheerful, but inside that pain is boiling over and emanating to the outside.

Of course I still get this as well. If I was free of pain, I would be lying. I always thought that awakening guaranteed stellar health, but it does not. It is a two-edged sword that takes an extremely long time. With love and patience one has to work through many layers of consciousness, of one’s feelings to understand what is happening in one’s life. One becomes always more vulnerable instead of stronger. It is a misconception that awakening will grant tons of strength. It does not.

It is a continuous opening of the heart where we need to understand ourselves with love and let the light shine in as well as out in order to spread this love around. Then there can only be strength in vulnerability.

Let the light be there for others to see. Shine brightly and be who you really are: An emanation of the divine, walking on an earthly planet.


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