Longing heart,
We shed tears
Out of love.
Gracefully You
Hold me in
Your glow.

Nothing goes by
Who lets me enter
Your kingdom,
Fragrant roses
Awaiting another dawn.

Pain lets us decide
To go deeper
Into Your darkness
Or run from it,
Awaiting crucifixion

Jesus’s path right
On my shoulders,
We sway in eternity.
Gently breathing
My body goes to sleep in Jerusalem.

Vagabond Life

Some of us are made restless.
It is one’s nature.
One or two years in a place and we need to move.
It is not out of boredom, out of anxiety or out of fear, but it seems to be a desire to move and experience new things, meet new people.

It seems to be contra-intuitive for one’s evolution to stay in one place.
It has been like this since I was young and no one in my family is like this.
I have this constant urge to move to different countries. It is what my fabric of being is made of.

I have lived in so many countries yet have always taken myself with me. This does not change. Once the novelty wears off, one has to deal with one’s inner turmoil and one’s issues. Things that one has not sorted out yet come to the surface. It has always been that way for me.
Yet, I become so tired when staying in one place. It is as if the weight of the whole world descends upon one and one needs to constantly shift perspective in order to evolve. Otherwise one gets stuck.

I see this in people: They get stuck, they don’t risk anything. They are uncomfortable being comfortable, but there is no form of evolution, no form of love that keeps on expanding. There seems to be only a desire to stay in one’s own patterns.

To get out of these patterns one needs to understand one’s own nature and try to expand one’s consciousness. And the easiest way to do that is to travel.
Covid has put a downer on this department, but bit by bit countries have been opening back up and at a certain point I am certain that things will move again. In a different way than before, because we are all seeing the effects of global warming right now, but it will happen again without all this confusion. Things will become slower again and we will see a different kind of population emerge. The ones that care about the environment, the ones that care about other human beings and animals, the ones that are born highly elevated. Those who are ancient yet will feel so light and new. Like roots of an old tree that grow into Mother Earth. Like temples of long forgotten deities that spiral through the Universe.
Those will be the ones calling in a new era of living. Cities will disappear, cars will seize to exist, and a new yet old way of living will be emerging.

There will be a different way of behavior in the future. And so us vagabonds look forward to a lifestyle that will be more sustainable than ever.


Be in love

How does one go about in a world of hatred, anger, and fear?

It is best to walk with an open heart and to watch one’s thoughts all the time. How are you towards yourself and others? Are you loving and kind or are you full of hatred and greed yourself?

It is not merely a question of belief or some form of magick, but rather a state of being. The moment one swerves off of that path, one will fall. And the larger the force of light, the steeper the fall.

One can only tread a path of absolute harmony: Not hurting anyone, including oneself. Not to speak or think a malicious word. Not to abuse anyone or anything. Be modest, be kind and loving at all times, even when someone yells at you: Turn the other cheek. Do not lash out for a moment of anger is worth a million rounds of hell right here and now.

Do not give into despair for it is the prison you are seating yourself in.
Live in harmony with God’s creation for this creation will help you evolve and be luminous.
Live every day as if it was your last moment. Do not accumulate debts for you may perish today.

Do not borrow things that you cannot return.
Touch every person’s life as if it was the very last person that you met on your way to heaven’s door.

Be humble because it is the gentle that shall enter paradise.
Do not lock yourself off from any form of experience, because you never know who you would meet in order to save your life.

Be in love. Always.
For it is this love that will propel you towards a greater heaven.

Have faith. For without faith you shall be lost.

Own Your Truth

Whatever path you may be walking, make it beautiful!
Whatever road you may have chosen, walk it in certitude and Grace.
Whatever music you are listening to, enjoy it with your full being.
Whatever words you are speaking, own them with confidence and ease.

Whatever YOUR truth may be, be loving and graceful about it, so that others see that you are an emanation of divine love.

Own your truth and live it.

Because the world is an incredibly beautiful place and it would be awful if you missed out on it.


Indigo Life

Very often, when I used to teach meditation, people reported seeing a blue/green aura around me. There is also gold descending, but that may be another thing going on.
It made me wonder for many years why I was not having these normal colors that everyone else was talking about. Why was my auric field this color. I have always loved blue and indigo, so it made me want to look further.

There is this theory about children being born 1978 and later throughout the 80s- they are called indigo children. They come into this world as already highly developed beings. They are sensitive, have extremely high levels of empathy, are creative, they love people but prefer being alone. They love nature, they usually have some psychic gifts that show up when they are really young, etc.
When I read it, I finally had my answer. It always felt as if I did not have a buffer that most people have. People usually report of not feeling things so much. Well, that is definitely not me. I feel it all: The weird, the beautiful, the joy, the love, the hatred, the greed,… It continues to surprise me and having worked in the entertainment industry for many years, I now understand why I was never able to be like others. There is no buffer and I absorb peoples’ things. Partially it is quite the drag to go out into public like this, but on the other hand I would not trade it for anything. Hence, no healing modalities work for me. I have tried many things over the years and it usually throws my system way off.

But the world of indigos is colorful: It is a scintillating world. One sees nature in vivid colors, one can love wholeheartedly, there exist no shallow friendships or hastiness in one’s acquaintances, one prefers peace over quarrels, and one becomes quite ill if stressed or over-burdened with work or other life problems. We are the ones that uplift peoples’ souls, people heal in our vicinity and awaken to their truth. We are the ones to give you a shove in the butt in order to get off of your high horse or alternatively to get going. We are the ones who make you see your deepest woundings, your failings, your ego issues, and most likely we will be triggered ourselves in order to evolve even further.
That world is one full of opportunities, one of magic, and wonderment. Most people live in fear and ego-patterns, whereas we are trying to get out of it. We are the mirrors to your largest problems, our vibration triggers old wounds and hatred. But we stand tall in the midst of adversity.

We were all bullied and being told that we could not live a life full of beauty and love.
Even in the most treacherous of situations we can find a speck of love, of great beauty and are touched by eternal Grace.
Sometimes we may be down about the state of the world and the egotistical patterns, but then we move into an upwind and go about our inner world again as if the world that is going crazy, does not exist and that we are creating things of our own understanding and our own inner strength and wisdom. It is a wisdom that is inaccessible to most.
Whatever we read becomes the naked truth and we try to uplift everyone around us. It is not an easy task as most times it is hard business, but by being true to ourselves, we convey the message to others that there is another way.
You do not have to suffer, you can be free.

The greater the light, the larger the responsibility.
So get off of your cushions, get out and about. See the truth in all and everything. Spread love. When others are down, uplift them.
Do not be shy.

Be radiant!
Be a loner.
Whatever you wish to be, you can be just that.



There exists a vulnerability in all of us that lies hidden underneath all of the rubbish that we have accumulated over the decades. To cultivate an open heart is the hardest thing that a person can do throughout their lifetime. It requires faith, time, compassion, and a whole lot of patience with oneself as well as others.
Due to our growing up this can be very tricky. Our society, as much as I love people, is based on a lot of fear and anger and it is often tough to see reflected of what I once bought into. There are times when I am completely at ease and nothing seems to affect me, at other times, when my own things are resurfacing, it is mighty hard to navigate even a normal every day life. Then often-times I have to calm myself as if in the midst of a storm, breathe deeply, and restart my own system.
Then what I am left with, is usually an utterly vulnerable person that is so open that one’s heart may break if one was able to comprehend it. Then the clash with ego-personalities becomes even larger, people seem dense to me, caught up in their own stories that they keep on telling themselves.
My system has become so fine-tuned that lower vibrations affect me to a degree that others are unable to comprehend.

It is this softness of the heart that gives me great advantage and that others may not be able to see or understand.
Whatever happens, whatever I see, it will be filled with love. Unconditional love. No one can escape from it. It may trigger things in others they may not be ready to experience: I have seen people become aggressive, some fearful, some get lost, but a few are ready and turn towards that love that always stays unconditional. It will never seize once this love has been kindled and only its reflection will bring about beauty, health, and a sense of wonder. Other than that, it will be futile business One has to slow down life in order to comprehend such a thing, one has to do less and be more. In our society this is pretty much mission impossible and we try to achieve so many things when all we need to do is to be.
Only then can we open our hearts and be filled with God’s unconditional love.
Then there will be no need for scriptures, no need to prayer, no need for more of anything as we have come to realize that we are the scripture, we are the prayer, and we are the puja and the deity. We are part of Universal consciousness that unfolds in its own way.

That is part of the vulnerability that surrounds us on a daily basis.


Songs of the orient

When I tune into my heart there resides the song of the orient in there.
It does not beat in the rhythm of the country I was born in, nor in another that may have been in generations of my family. It beats in the scintillating, colorful sounds of the orient.
It always has and it always will. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by tales that seemed to stem from arabic cultures. No one in my family has ever taken an interest in any of it. My brother had some interest in it when he was working in Doha, but other than that no one has ever thought about it.

Many years I have traveled to places that I felt I needed to see and experience: Turkey, Lebanon, the UAE, Qatar,… and I am certain that once covid regulations have settled, I will travel some more. There exists this deep longing in my heart that has never fully settled. One of course is the longing for God as the Sufis say- it is the heart that heeds the call for one’s creator. The other one is a restlessness, yet a stillness that descends upon me when I am in these countries. It is something so ancient that my mind, as much as it is trying to analyze it, cannot comprehend.

There have been past lifetimes as an Arab and only the heart knows this truth.
I find myself weeping most of the time thinking about all these periods that I spent over there. Even Venice was a reminder of my ancient oriental roots.
Sometimes the orient is displayed as cruel and harsh, as if it was the enemy, but for all I know is that it was always an open experience: People were always friendly, I have been invited to many peoples’ homes, they wanted to chat with me, hear about my stories as I also listened to theirs. The food was always incredible and after long days of walking, visiting sights and shops, I always felt as if heaven had sent me all these people to share a few hours with.
The Sufis say that Allah lives in every living being, all is part of God consciousness. Allah has sent his breath down into our hearts and has created us, so that He can experience Himself through each and every action that we take. Each breath that we take, is a reminder of Him. As much as we may try to control or change them, they are none other than our own created images and the world we are living in.

In oriental lore it is always the heart that opens the doorway to another kingdom. If we look at Rumi and Shamz, we find love to be the opener of doors to full illumination.
It is no other than love that can heal and fully realize our own innate divine nature. In Buddhism it is called the Buddha mind. It is a sattvic, still and content mind, that creates no obstacles or ripples.
The more still the mind becomes, the more aware one becomes of one’s subtle surroundings. Once a certain threshold has been passed, it is impossible to go back. Someone said this to me once: “It is impossible to unsee.”

So through the seeing heart we shall perceive wonder, peoples’ joys, their sorrows and anxieties, their thoughts and also their subtle disconnection from their own true nature. They perceive themselves to be separate whereas all is one.

My oriental heart shall tell you many tales of beauty and of love. Of fights and offerings, of devotion and annihilation. It shall tell you of its divine origin and the many lifetimes that have passed that I spent on this planet. It shall envelope you with its beauty and charisma that chases dreams through the night until it sees dawn beckoning.
It is the heart that we need to understand, not the mind.
For it is only the human egotistical mind that wants and chases things.

So trust your heart, because it will lead you towards love…eventually.



In my journey towards
I cannot do anything but to
On the journey towards
I can often only sense

Rise or fall
You may.
But I can still tell
That I should obey.

Divine rules are set
And if I abide by them
I may not regret
This journey that you have taken me on
A heaven that many do not know.

Right here you may make it
A living hell
or infinity.
For all I know is that love’s
Will always be with