There exists a vulnerability in all of us that lies hidden underneath all of the rubbish that we have accumulated over the decades. To cultivate an open heart is the hardest thing that a person can do throughout their lifetime. It requires faith, time, compassion, and a whole lot of patience with oneself as well as others.
Due to our growing up this can be very tricky. Our society, as much as I love people, is based on a lot of fear and anger and it is often tough to see reflected of what I once bought into. There are times when I am completely at ease and nothing seems to affect me, at other times, when my own things are resurfacing, it is mighty hard to navigate even a normal every day life. Then often-times I have to calm myself as if in the midst of a storm, breathe deeply, and restart my own system.
Then what I am left with, is usually an utterly vulnerable person that is so open that one’s heart may break if one was able to comprehend it. Then the clash with ego-personalities becomes even larger, people seem dense to me, caught up in their own stories that they keep on telling themselves.
My system has become so fine-tuned that lower vibrations affect me to a degree that others are unable to comprehend.

It is this softness of the heart that gives me great advantage and that others may not be able to see or understand.
Whatever happens, whatever I see, it will be filled with love. Unconditional love. No one can escape from it. It may trigger things in others they may not be ready to experience: I have seen people become aggressive, some fearful, some get lost, but a few are ready and turn towards that love that always stays unconditional. It will never seize once this love has been kindled and only its reflection will bring about beauty, health, and a sense of wonder. Other than that, it will be futile business One has to slow down life in order to comprehend such a thing, one has to do less and be more. In our society this is pretty much mission impossible and we try to achieve so many things when all we need to do is to be.
Only then can we open our hearts and be filled with God’s unconditional love.
Then there will be no need for scriptures, no need to prayer, no need for more of anything as we have come to realize that we are the scripture, we are the prayer, and we are the puja and the deity. We are part of Universal consciousness that unfolds in its own way.

That is part of the vulnerability that surrounds us on a daily basis.


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