Be in love

How does one go about in a world of hatred, anger, and fear?

It is best to walk with an open heart and to watch one’s thoughts all the time. How are you towards yourself and others? Are you loving and kind or are you full of hatred and greed yourself?

It is not merely a question of belief or some form of magick, but rather a state of being. The moment one swerves off of that path, one will fall. And the larger the force of light, the steeper the fall.

One can only tread a path of absolute harmony: Not hurting anyone, including oneself. Not to speak or think a malicious word. Not to abuse anyone or anything. Be modest, be kind and loving at all times, even when someone yells at you: Turn the other cheek. Do not lash out for a moment of anger is worth a million rounds of hell right here and now.

Do not give into despair for it is the prison you are seating yourself in.
Live in harmony with God’s creation for this creation will help you evolve and be luminous.
Live every day as if it was your last moment. Do not accumulate debts for you may perish today.

Do not borrow things that you cannot return.
Touch every person’s life as if it was the very last person that you met on your way to heaven’s door.

Be humble because it is the gentle that shall enter paradise.
Do not lock yourself off from any form of experience, because you never know who you would meet in order to save your life.

Be in love. Always.
For it is this love that will propel you towards a greater heaven.

Have faith. For without faith you shall be lost.

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