Vagabond Life

Some of us are made restless.
It is one’s nature.
One or two years in a place and we need to move.
It is not out of boredom, out of anxiety or out of fear, but it seems to be a desire to move and experience new things, meet new people.

It seems to be contra-intuitive for one’s evolution to stay in one place.
It has been like this since I was young and no one in my family is like this.
I have this constant urge to move to different countries. It is what my fabric of being is made of.

I have lived in so many countries yet have always taken myself with me. This does not change. Once the novelty wears off, one has to deal with one’s inner turmoil and one’s issues. Things that one has not sorted out yet come to the surface. It has always been that way for me.
Yet, I become so tired when staying in one place. It is as if the weight of the whole world descends upon one and one needs to constantly shift perspective in order to evolve. Otherwise one gets stuck.

I see this in people: They get stuck, they don’t risk anything. They are uncomfortable being comfortable, but there is no form of evolution, no form of love that keeps on expanding. There seems to be only a desire to stay in one’s own patterns.

To get out of these patterns one needs to understand one’s own nature and try to expand one’s consciousness. And the easiest way to do that is to travel.
Covid has put a downer on this department, but bit by bit countries have been opening back up and at a certain point I am certain that things will move again. In a different way than before, because we are all seeing the effects of global warming right now, but it will happen again without all this confusion. Things will become slower again and we will see a different kind of population emerge. The ones that care about the environment, the ones that care about other human beings and animals, the ones that are born highly elevated. Those who are ancient yet will feel so light and new. Like roots of an old tree that grow into Mother Earth. Like temples of long forgotten deities that spiral through the Universe.
Those will be the ones calling in a new era of living. Cities will disappear, cars will seize to exist, and a new yet old way of living will be emerging.

There will be a different way of behavior in the future. And so us vagabonds look forward to a lifestyle that will be more sustainable than ever.


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