Take life as it is

Are we not prisoners of our own habits?
We all picked up things from a young age from siblings, from parents, later on from friends and teachers at school, at university, at the job, the country we are living in…
But after decades one may ask themselves: Who am I really?
Underneath all that rubble- who is this person underneath all the facade?
Without any excuses, without any form of shame or guilt, just take a look at it.

It takes tremendous amounts of strength and virility to see that after a lot of searching, a lot of asking and seeking, the answer is pretty simple: You are That.
That which cannot be contained.
That which has no beginning and no end.
That which is eternal.
That which is pure love.

In this moment all else will seize and you will come to realize that nothing was there to begin with. That life just continues the way it always has, it is just that your way of perceiving it was changed.
It may be a shocking realization to some, but to others it will come as a revelation of who they really are. That their true nature is as it is, that nothing can have an effect on it unless they let it.
The atman, the soul, has always been and always will be.

No one can add to it or remove things from it. The physical body is just a passing stage to move onto the next lifetime.

It is only love that can carry this soul into the next dimension.
Once we have become selfless (which is an intensely hard task to do), we can then move onto the next encounter of the soul where it will learn the most.

You may think: How can we not remember when we get here?
Well, how does infinite consciousness fare when it gets squeezed into a human body, confined to a cage? That cannot be right. But it is a learning curve, so one starts to understand the meaning of life and the underlying truth that governs it with age and patience. The mystery can only be revealed to the ones that are made of peace.

One can choose to remain blind and deaf to it as many would have it.
But some heed the call and wake up from their slumber.
Then a few will know that all is a dance of eternal creation and destruction, that even life itself is such: One cannot always be well. It is impossible. Sometimes life goes up and then it goes down a bit, but it always remains an evolutionary stage where we continue to learn from our mistakes and also from our things that we did right.

Let life be what it is: A beautiful dance that continues to fascinate me even after many decades of being on this planet.

Om shanti


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