A Year of Writing

Finally I am taking the leap: I am committing to a year of writing.
No easy task, because sometimes there is the lovely self-saboteur that says that its got no idea what to write about. Some days one may feel fatigued or work is a bit much. Some days it may be that I am undergoing so much change internally that it is rather hard to catch up on my writing.
I have been sitting in front of the screen a lot lately where I stare at the blinking of the indicator in word. I know what I want to write, I know the book title, the content, I know that it is in there, but it just does not want to come out.
Maybe it is not the right time for it? Maybe I just need more rest? Who knows. I always used to believe that one can just do anything if they wanted to, but seems that there is some form of a blockage in me that prevents me from writing a second book.
Maybe because it is fiction and not usually my genre. I feel comfortable to write about real life or poetry.

But maybe it is just a block that I am encountering, hence, I am herewith committing myself to writing every day for a whole year.
If you are a writer, join me in the pursuit of writing happiness. You can write anything: Write a blog post, a journal entry, some pages in your book, a poem, some lines to someone who is dear to you. Pick whatever resonates with you on that day, but you would need to do it every day for a year!
It will be difficult and many distractions will arise, I am certain of it, but eventually you will look forward to it.

If you are a writing aficionado like me then you will enjoy this year of writing.
No one will judge or criticize you, it can be mad writing or make even no sense at all. Just as long as you write.
Eventually you will want to write beautiful and meaningful things.

You have something to say, so say it. Don’t hide it!

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