Dream Time

Sometimes my body wakes up at night from a dream I thought to be real. one people may discard it, some take a deeper look at it. From what I have come to realize over the past years is that this is definitely a part of our reality.

How can we then distinguish between dream and waking time?

It is impossible for when we are sleeping it does seem very real to us. The aborigines or any other indigenous people call it dream time. In that dream time it is as real as the waking time. In that dream time we not only process our waking life that is usually filled with things “to do”, but also with premonitions about our future, our state of health, our inner life.
We may dream of past lifetimes, adventure sin other worlds, or our karmic actions may come to haunt us. We may even aid others on their journey towards awakening or enlightenment or at least aid in their healing.
Especially over the last six years, having been in the process of a Kundalini awakening, I have seen and experienced all sorts of things and dream time is certainly as real as “normal” life. Sometimes even more so than normal life that can be a bit nightmarish too.
If you want to change your “normal” time, you have to access dream time. There is no other way. You can go full-on affirmation mode every day, you can do yoga, you can meditate, but that will only help minimalistically if you are unable to access dream time.
Dream time can be accessed even during the day. You can see children doing it when they drift off from reality for a bit. Adults usually get flustered with them for dreaming or being absent for a while, but what they are doing is dreaming a reality into their life.
So if your child is a dreamer, please let them dream. If they are a sensitive, please foster their sensitivity. Because those are the ones that change the current world.

Having been sensitive from a young age, I did not understand what that was or why I was a bit different than other children for many decades. You had to fit in, but I just did not. As much as I tried, but it was not possible. I always had problems in school, the system did not make any sense, I was bored in class most of the time, and having come into the world with some psychic gifts on top of that, I found it hard to concentrate with large amounts of people around me. Go figure being a little bit of a telepath. I am still highly uncomfortable in large crowds, cities make me feel crazy, and well, having come back to Europe, the collective conscious is a tad on the heavy side to say the least.
Before I finally understood that I am a sensitive and that I should listen to my system ALL the time, I would override it more often than was good for me. I talked myself into things that were detrimental to my health and overall well-being.
Much like I talked myself into thinking that a “normal” job would be okay going through an awakening and being this sensitive. It is just not.

So what to do if you are a sensitive and you have access to dream time? Dream as often as you can- dream yourself healthy, stay at home and in nature more often, make contact with trees, be in the forest, sit in your garden, go swim in a lake. Just rest as often as you can, be creative.
Go and create something and always listen to your inner workings. If you are undergoing an awakening, then listen to it double-time. Because it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

So even if you think that “normal” life is real, it is as real as dream time and both have their space and their value in living a fulfilled life.

Dream time can be accessed easily if you already have a tendency to day dream.
Of course you need to pay your bills, pay tax, etc., but you can still be a dreamer and live a life that YOU want to live and not anyone else. It can be done. So be courageous and gentle at the same time, open your heart to others and opportunities that may come your way. You never know when your moment to shine will come.


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