The illusion shall fall

The pure essence of a human being is the one of love.
We are born weightless like a bird that spreads its wings for the first time and discovers that it can actually fly.
We are lovers that harness this divine spark within our hearts until we can no longer stand it and need to spread it.
We are dreamers of our own reality that spans many lifetimes and continues to hold us in the now.
We are one with divine consciousness for it is that which upholds us.
We are not heavy, depressed beings that are fearful and doubtful of everything.

It is not our nature per se. We become like this due to influences of our current society.

A few years ago when the veils lifted off of my eyes after a self-retreat at home for a long weekend, I had to take the bus and go to my meditation studio that I was running at the time. Even though I was residing in Luxembourg and there is not so much advertisement on the roads like in the States, I felt absolutely violated in my personal privacy. Looking at these advertisements I understood that we are continuously bombarded wherever we go. We are influenced all the time and we do not even have a choice anymore. Going to large supermarkets is always a hazard I have to say, and I avoid newsstands and the likes.
A few years ago I even realized that in essence no one’s got a clue. While trying to work on my beginning writing career, I was taking a class on how to research things for peoples’ blogs, etc. and the techniques that are being used to research. When I looked at it, I figured out that in essence people are just copying things from others most of the time and then where do THOSE people even get that from? I vowed in that moment to never trust anyone but myself.

One has to learn to distinguish from the real and the false and be ready to discard things all the time. There exists only one truth in this Universe. That’s it. It is not bound to any religious dogma, any form of esoteric studies, nothing, but…you guessed it: Love.
That’s it. If you can cultivate this all the time (which is a rather hard task and I am still certainly struggling with this sometimes), then you are pretty close.
Forgive everyone, turn the other cheek, do not be a victim. Be empowered and trust that divine consciousness has your back. Ask for help if you need to- the subtle realms will answer more quickly than you can imagine. Be patient, because sometimes we need to learn our lessons and experience all sorts of things again and again.
Do not let anyone manipulate you into thinking that you are a small, insignificant being. Every single person in this Universe is special.
Disconnect from group consciousness. Be your own person. Foster creativity. Travel. Learn new things and languages. Learn how to be content. Don’t focus so much on materialism- it will appear by itself.

Do something that makes you happy every single day. Don’t skip a day.
Personally, writing makes me very happy, so I try to do it every day. If I skip a day, I feel often quite empty.
Do not let others talk you into believing something that you are not.
If you are awakening: Good on ya’!!! Listen to yourself and the divine energy within you. You can try to find an enlightened teacher, which does exist in this day and age, but be discerning. There are only a few out there.
But even then, if something does not resonate (and you have ruled out your petty ego), discard it and look deep inside whether you can find another solution for this problem.
Don’t buy into people advertising that they can “give” shaktipat. It is a spontaneous process when the student is ready-they will take it from the teacher.

Dream. Wherever you are, dream of a better, more harmonious future and a healthy planet. Dream of people living differently and having a different way of being. You can create the future by dreaming it. You can even dream your own future- it will manifest eventually, but you have to persevere, even on bad days.
And yes, like Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see.”

No one can help you with that, no one can steer you in the right direction, no one but yourself.
Elevate the Self by the Self…in whatever way that you need to or can.

Sometimes you may need to take time off and get some solitude, sometimes you may want to change your circle of friends. All is well, you have, at this moment in time, only this one lifetime. So focus on it as much as you can. If memories come up and you need to deal with them, do that. But do not let it drag you down. If you have suppressed your emotions for a long time, let them out. Cry, weep, laugh or just feel that anger that has been festering inside of you.
Do that and all else will fall into place eventually. It is your live dissertation, your PhD, or whatever you may wish to call it. It is your evolution and the more you evolve, the more your surroundings will evolve with you.

Eventually you will get back to that weightless state and will wonder what the whole fuss was about in the first place. The illusion will fall eventually.


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