Open your heart

It is said that when a person’s heart opens the whole Universe stands still and listens. It is a special moment and many beings will come and witness this moment, because it is so particular and a rare thing. It is also irreversible and one cannot go back from such a large event. It is as if one’s whole physiology is changing on top of that. One will become more sensitive, more loving and kind, more understanding, much more vulnerable. One will most likely not be able to do the “normal” sort of behavior that other people adhere to: Drinking, partying, buying lots of things.

The heart will be the new compass and guide in life and ultimately lead to a very fulfilling life. Admittedly, the road is a long one, because one needs to shed all the layers and habits that one has built up over the decades and past lifetimes. It is not so easy to motivate oneself all the time to live from very high and divine standards. We are taught to listen to parents, teachers, to adults or people who have done more or studied more than us. We are never taught to question any of this and to listen to our own heart. How come the world is as it is?

I do not condemn any form of education, because it has its place and time. But we need to become more open and understand that the structures that are still in place, are changing and need a desperate overhaul. They need to be adjusted for people with open hearts and the more sensitive amongst us. I remember sitting in school and feeling rather tortured most of the time. Sometimes it was utterly boring, but being a sensitive and having all these people in one class, was rather unbearable. My psychic senses would become all confused, I would be tired all the time, and after vacation I would dread going there. It was not because I was a bad student, but because I felt highly squeezed in these structures. It was sheer agony most of the time. At the end I really lost interest, because I did not understand these strange rules.
Of course, over the course of my lifetime, I would close up more and more with occasional openings of the heart. But when it really opened, I started seeing that this world that we are currently living in seems rather backwards. In fact, I feel that we are still neanderthals and not comprehending the real essence of life. Somehow everyone is still trapped in the Roman Empire at the Coliseum and living “panem et circenses”. Bread and games. Games provided by the government to keep the general population quiet.

Do you know what baffled me the most during the pandemic? People could not wait to go shopping again, to go out and eat, to literally run from themselves. Why is that?

We are not taught to live from an open heart, to get to know ourselves, to be quiet, to look into nature and just be still. It is a constant bombardment of the senses.
With an open heart one understands that this is not a great way to live and that it is a form of running away, of becoming more unconscious all the time. It seems like a blindfold or some funny glasses that people put on and they perceive this to be their reality.
But what if that reality looked rather different? More loving, more kind? More sensitive?

I feel that it’s time for people to awaken. It is time for us sensitives to be the agent of change and to stay calm when everyone and everything is spiraling completely out of control.

I had a few moments of having this feeling that it would drag on forever, but things resolved themselves eventually. I chose to not get vaccinated. I have never been vaccinated ever in my entire life and I am highly sensitive to any form of chemicals. I felt absolutely sick once when I had to take an aspirin, and when I need to get injections at the dentist, I suffer for two weeks after. The pandemic dragged on for two years, I resisted people talking me into it, some became violent in speech towards me. I still did not do it. I do not see the point. The last winter moving back to Germany was grueling: I was not allowed to go anywhere but to go grocery shopping. So instead I went into nature and the things I needed, I ordered online. It was tough for a sensitive, because I felt this constant pressure, the fear around me, the anxiety, and having someone poke into my nose cavity having no aura,….well, it was plain excruciating to say the least.
But I resisted and stayed calm. And now, things have somehow settled down, society has parted ways as to be expected, and it has left a deep scar in humanity. It felt as if the pest was back in the days. When people are scared, they tend to do all sorts of things and become rather inhumane. Very curious pattern in people. Now most people I know that have gotten vaccinated had covid and most of them have a lot of health issues now. Strange enough.

But what I wanted to tell you all with this excerpt of my tiny life is that you need to work on opening your heart as wide as you can. You need to make space for the beggar, the thief, for the sociopath, for everyone around. You do not have to stand by and accept everyone’s anger or impatience, but rather to accept life and people as they are. Only when you change, the world around you will change. With an open heart, people will do all sorts of things that then will surprise you. Some become more aggressive, but some change into more compassionate beings over time.

It is through love that we can ignite the change in others. And this is what we need to have: a rather large change in the way we live, we see and experience the world. Otherwise it will become futile business to live a rather meaningless life and to be like zombies following everyone and everything.

Stand up, say no to things. Be patient and kind, but speak up. Don’t be quiet!
Open your heart, so you can be free!


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