The Great Network of Light

There exists something that is called “The Great Network of Light”. These are people that have woken up and tap into the grid energy of those who are on a similar journey. Back in the nineties the number was about 6 million, but since then a long time has passed. Planet Earth has undergone an upgrade and more people have awoken to bring on a new era of being. We will see extremely large changes over the next ten to fifteen years. The old ways are dying and the only ones that will surpass this are the ones who are connected to this network. If you are stumbling upon this blog, chances are that you are either awakening, are interested in awakening, or maybe you are already connected to the Great Network of Light.
Who are these people?, you may ask yourself.

It is a diversified population. Some are well-known like His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Sri M, Sadhguru,… Some are healers, known or unknown, all across the globe who have woken up and holding the divine feminine inside of them in order to not only heal people but to augment the frequency in order to heal the planet. The residue of negativity that is remaining at this point in time is rather minimalistic and it will come to pass at a certain point.
Some are people who remain in hiding. They meditate for the benefit of humankind. Some are indigenous elders or wise men and women, Aborigines, Maori, the ones that always had a play in dream time, the ones that always knew that the world would change eventually.
Some are like me who are semi on the surface with some form of involvement in the network of light, but remain in public. It often feels as if walking on a tightrope. One foot is in the liminal space, and the other one is in 3D. It is a difficult space to be in, because one needs to still manage worldly life and at the same time maintaining an equilibrium on a spiritual level.

It is a world of its own and I would say it comes with a risk, but also tremendous beauty.
The risk is that you cannot stay the same. You will be catapulted out of your comfort zone and you are being asked to let go of your old memories, your woundings, your fears, your egotistical behavior, your smugness, your grudges, your self-loathing and your false ideas about life. You cannot stay the same at all and you will be asked to step up and do what was meant for you.
You are not meant to stay small, suffocating in a normal day job. You are meant to expand and uplift those around you. You are meant to shine, to not keep yourself small.
Be like a ruby glittering in the sun.
Be precious.
Be humble.
Be generous and gentle.

Be what you are meant to be and tap into the Great Network of Light to create a different world than the one we are living in right now.

It will be a world of harmony.
A world where the healing arts is the main mode of medicine.
A world where one can combine smart technology and ecology.
A world where arts, music, poetry, and spirituality will be in the foreground.
A world where we only eat organic.
A world free of pollution and pesticides.
A world free of tyranny.

You are the change!


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