Pieces of your soul

In Chinese lore it is said that with each picture that is taken of us, a piece of our soul is being lost.

In a day and age where most people thrive on selfies this makes me wonder. How many pictures have you taken of yourself? How many pictures were taken of you in your entire life?
How many pieces of your soul have left? And how many remain?

In shamanism there exists a healing that is called soul retrieval. Not only do we loose pieces of our soul via pictures, but also through trauma, stress, and of course an onset of a disease. We can also loose pieces of our soul throughout space and time, meaning any certain past life, or lives that are happing right now in the multidimensional planes. Time moves both ways and is not linear. It is like an ever moving stream of consciousness, changing and re-shuffling things. The future is never set in stone and neither is the past. By techniques such as dream time access, soul retrieval, meditation, chanting, etc. one can alter even past lifetimes and therefore change the life one is living now.
It can be a huge change and we can also change things by focusing merely on this moment and trying to live it as best as we can. The future is certainly determined by things that we are doing or aren’t doing right now. With each decision or indecision at this moment, we determine our future outcome up to a certain extent. Some is pre-determined as already explained in a past post, but some is up fro grabs and one needs to work on the “up-for-grabs” part. Do not get bugged down.

Some days may be tougher than others, where old wounds and pain resurfaces. Unfortunately this is normal. We need to move into the abyss to know our dark side, our desires, and our strengths and weaknesses. For if we do not understand ourselves, how would we be able to understand others and the world? It is impossible.
So one day one might be cruising along, whereas the next one may struggle and fight with oneself.

We are only determined by our own standards.

Try to just be more instead of doing things.
The more this process moves along, the more I realize that I need to do less.
Less and less until not so much is left.
Until one comes to realize that one is the most important part in one’s equation.

If you are not well, no one around you will be.
Neither your plants, nor your children, nor nature around you.
It is impossible.
So focus on yourself in a loving and kind way, see where you still need to fight your own battles.
Discard what you thought to be true and just rest more.

The other things will then gradually work and come into play.

Take less selfies, and be more to recover pieces of your soul.


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