Knowing no one

For the first time in my life I am living in a city and I do not know anyone.
A city of 500.000 inhabitants and I just talk to some people at the organic store or at the market or at work and then I go home.
It is liberating for me!
The most incredible feeling ever. At first I thought it to be depressing but after a while I found that I love it. There is no stress to meet people, to have obligations to fulfill, no stress to be somewhere, no one who pushes me to do things or to cook. Just the plants need some watering.
It’s just me.

My Mum asked me recently what I do all day when I’m off. So I said I got plenty of things to do: I sit in my garden, paint, take photos, write. But most often I do nothing. Plain old nothing at all.

It is something incredible, because one gets complete rest. I don’t even watch TV or Netflix anymore. Sometimes I read books, but on some days it is incredibly challenging while trying to heal.
So instead of trying to do and to push for things, I let it go and rest in sweet deep nothingness.

You should try it one day.
It will set you free!


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