The Lake

In the morning breeze all seemed quiet and from where I sat I was overlooking the lake. No one was there to witness the wind that caressed my body, enveloping me in its sweet embrace. It was as if it was carrying a message that was telling me to wait and see what would be in store for me. There was nothing to do but to be the lake. There was no difference between the blue surface and my conscience, both of us dreaming of an ancient lullaby that most are too busy to hear. The trees nearby rustled their leafs and sang their ancient songs of wisdom while swaying in the breeze, the birds slowly starting to chime in. Overhead the lake saw that some clouds were passing by and that father sun was starting to greet the world with its rays of power. Grandmother earth, rumbling in her vibrant tone, causing the lake to whisper and flow.
A sonata of peace we all carried out our duties and none of us asked any questions. Instead we all were of service to a world that was still turning.
As nature one does not ask about the why or how. There is no questioning of motives or where we are going. It is a constant flow of being in the now. Forget a moment and then the next would come along already. Little steps are taken every moment towards a brighter future, no other than consciousness knowing where this shall lead.
Once the moment has passed nature does not bemoan anything that has happened and may only wonder at the business of humankind. It all just is in an even flow with upheavals to shake up humankind. Dreamily the lake made its movement today, half sleeping, half awake and watchful. Parts of it were happy and joyous, a quicker flow to embrace more oxygen. Time is of no essence and so we remain in eternity for most humans do not know what life is all about.

Lest we dream we do not exist at all.


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