I have no fear of death.
When I was 14 years old, I was gravely ill. I spent weeks in a delirium and no one knew what I had.
I discovered many worlds beyond this one, culminating in nearly dying. It is peaceful.
There is no punishment after death.
There is no such thing as having to go through different worlds.
Once you arrive, there is only love and light.
You can then choose to go back or if you would like to stay, you can work on other levels of consciousness.

In Western society we live far off from the cycle of birth and death. We live in a sterilized environment that promotes living and youth. Then when death settles in, we ship people off to an elderly home where they fade away, out of sight. There is no room for dying peacefully in the West. It is rushed much like everything else in our life.

At the end I realized that I wanted to live and pulled through. For whatever reason, I cannot remember.
It is living that is the hardest part sometimes for me. I used to love life. I tried out everything that came my way. I wanted to live badly and experience everything so that I can later on go and say: I have lived a full life.
Of course I did not account for the Divine Mother Kundalini coming my way and pushing me through tremendous difficulties.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I want to assure you that the hardest part is living and not dying. That you do not need to be afraid of death, that you will not be punished or have to go through difficulties.
I would like to tell you that death is peaceful and luminous. It is not dark and ominous like most people think.
It is something incredibly special and if one has ever witnessed someone dying, then you know that it is a special moment. Old people seem to become luminous right before they die.

In Tibetan Buddhism they have a practice called Phowa. When the person dies, even if they have not meditated or worked on their spiritual practice, one can still have a favorable rebirth if someone performs Phowa (or transfernce of consciousness) on them.
I am uncertain if I would need that now that I know that death is peaceful.

For me personally it is more the agony of a slow death, the wasting of the body that I would fear rather than death itself.
So take life into both hands.
Love as if there was no tomorrow.
Do things that you would love to do.
Get over your fears and your ego and live a fulfilled live instead of hiding.

Be glad for someone when they die, because they move back towards infinity rather than being constricted by a human body. It is all that I can tell you right now to reassure you that you are loved.


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