Just a beginning

“If there is to be a future, it will wear the crown of feminine design.”
– Sri Aurobindo

Life just is.
We cannot change it.
There is no end,
Only a beginning.
A new day beckons
Every day.
Dusk must certainly come.

Awaken to your heart’s desire
For in this lifetime
You cannot overcome it.

Listen to your heartbeat
For it tells the truth.
Only a beginning,
Never an end.

End of the day
Signals the beginning of
Signals moonrise.
End of the world
Means beginning of a new one.
End of this physical life
Means the beginning
Of an extension of this one.

The atman is eternal.
Only eternal now.
Never to be seized,
Never to be forgotten.
Only now.

Just a beginning
Of a new life.


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