A day of unconditional love

A few days ago it came to pass that I got to experience unconditional love from everyone I met.
I used to work as a live sound engineer, which seems like an eternity and way back. Due to the pandemic, I had not seen anyone from any shows that I had worked on in many years. Even though I still have my ongoing awakening things, I decided that it was now or never. Who knows what was going to happen? Maybe another pandemic until I get to see my friends again.
So instead of hiding, I went out and braved the world.

It has been a while. And it was a beautiful day and evening with some energetic challenges, but that’s okay. When I got there, everything was easy: Backstage was right next to where I parked, one of my buddies from the crew picked up his phone immediately and picked me up. It was a small venue. Then I entered into my old world that I had previously worked so hard to get into. People on that particular tour had become like a family to me and it dawned on me that that may be a very special karmic connection. Everyone I saw that day, was so beautiful: They all lit up in the light of consciousness and opened their hearts. I hugged so many people that I cannot recount: Bear hugs, soft hugs, tight hugs,… It was a really special day. It was filled with so much love and real sweetness. I realized that sometimes my ego had been standing in the way (you do get grumpy days on tours) in order to experience this fully. Or maybe because my heart is more open now, I was able to see it better. Who knows? But many times it moved me literally to tears how sweet everyone was and I felt how much I missed them.
It has been a few trying years for me to fit an awakening into a “normal” world that often I feel it is as if squeezing a square peg through a round hole.
The show was even more amazing, or again: It may have been that my enhanced perception enables me to experience these things much deeper. It was a show full of love and the intimacy of the connection with these people was something incredibly powerful. It was as if we were enmeshed in an Ocean of subtle but unconditional love. I have never experienced it like this. Of course the sound was more congruent, the richness of the lights and video in the background, the sound waves that hit the body. All was one concoction of unconditional love.

After the show we had some food and had a lot of laughs on the tour bus. I was just so happy that day and I drove home in an exalted state of being, missing all my friends already.

The verdict of that day was, that, no matter where, you can find unconditional love. Because in essence it is the love that is radiating out from you. It is radiated right back to you.


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