Guru Purnima

Today marks Guru Purnima.
It is the day where the inner and outer Guru or teacher are revered.
It is a special day for recognizing that the inner Guru and the outer are exactly the same. The outer Guru is the polished mirror. It is your potential that you are able to realize in this lifetime. If you look at all great masters, they all displayed an immensely open heart, courage, and wisdom. They usually had a great sense of humor and even current day Saints, such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sri M, Annette Kaiser, Igor Kufayev,… They all have beautiful hearts and demeanors. They all have worked very hard for many years at receiving what seems mission impossible for most: Divine splendor.
Yet, as human beings we all have the same potential, we all are able to reach That, because it is our birthright. We are made to evolve. It is not something that is for a select few. Anyone can do it, but it does hold its dangers in a way that one is unable to understand if not undergoing an awakening process.

So today, I wish each and every single person on this planet a Happy Guru Purnima. You are also the Guru. By honoring the outer Guru you will come to realize that you also have always been this Divine spark that the outer Guru ignites. They plant a seed that then will grow into a beautiful flower, only revealed to you in the center of your heart.


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