Black as night

“You are the one who grants heaven and also the wish giving tree.
You fulfill the desires of mind in the real realized form,
And all those who benefit by you , would become grateful to you,
And even the devas do not understand you.”

  • Sri Kalika Ashtakam

Black as night
Body is shining
With a million
Tiny stars.

Heart overflows in Your
Divine splendor.
You are the one
I have been waiting for.

It is only the I
That stands in the way.
Let Your love
Fill my heart.

I beg of you: Do not
Leave me for I
Surrender to Your embrace.

Can we not see the truth
Behind Your loving eyes?

You are the
Ruler of Our lives.

For if we do not surrender
There can be no life.

Have you surrendered to a higher power yet?


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