Love is the whole thing

“Love is the whole thing.
We are only pieces.”


It is as if graced by immense beauty yet all agonies of the world descend on one. Night’s terror disappears in the morning light and one understands that only love is the cure for this nothingness.
The burning increases and intensifies and we only understand with the heart, not with the mind. The mind lies blank, not understanding this virtual reality.
Love conquers all.
I am the one whom I love,
The one that I love is myself, Al Hallaj said and was tortured and crucified for it.

Ego equals death, yet resurrection is at hand.
Each time we descend into the dark night we must ascend eventually. It is impossible to dwell in darkness all the time.
So I hold onto love.

It is my guiding star, my every breath, my every vocation, and my every dream.
Only love can help me through something that cannot be named,
That which only a few will experience.
That which is the energy of unconditional love itself.


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