The angel’s story

“And as for the likeness of their
faces, each of the four had the face
Of a man and the face of a lion on
The right side; each of the four
had the face of an ox and the face of
an eagle on the left side.”

– EZEKIEL 1.10

…and as silence fell upon my wretched body
The angel stood behind me
In all her glory.
She stood there
And watched over me.

In the white chapel
I was alone
While God’s Grace descended
Upon my being.
Tears streamed form my

I asked the angel who she was
And why she was behind me.
She answered that otherwise
I would die of fright.
So mesmerizing and brilliant was her splendor
That I dared not to turn
My face.

And so she continued to tell me the
Tale of the rivers of
Pishon, Gihon, Euphrates, and Tigris.
Not three of them but four
Were the human streams of consciousness
To abide by.

All four of them
Together made the human
So that each of them could guide us through life.
Each angel to take us underneath their wings.
Faith as the important pillar in the middle
Would guide one through one’s life.

Love can never be discarded and
One must look for beauty
wherever one may go.
She said to pass once more
To Jerusalem.
To find my way through
All that does not serve.

As the devils left
my shoulders,
A weight had lifted from
My being.

No longer was I bound by law of man
But the one of beauty and love.

All fell silent as the angel disappeared
Leaving me once more
To question whether this was real.


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