Messages from the angels

“God never forsakes anyone.”

– Messages from the angels

Of course as always, my ego has been struggling with accepting its defeat. Wanting to be more, wanting to be someone or something, it was resisting yet another phase of the heart becoming more open. Lion’s gate came and went and with its impact has removed a lot of debris that I came here to shed. There was a lot of fear moving out and has left me tired and drained as always. One day I was unable to stand it and so I decided to drown myself in Netflix, which has become an extremely rare occasion.
The previous days I went to visit a church and the synagogue here in Essen, but I felt that it left me non-the-wiser. I just knew that I had to go. As mentioned in my previous post, I felt that I had to maybe become part of one or the other religion. It had something to do with past lifetimes where I had belonged to each one of them and many more that are not known these days, but visiting these places of worship, I came to the conclusion once more that I can worship God in my heart wherever I go.
Sufis say that each person is an emanation of God and that they have the direct link. The heart is the key to it all. All other energy centers will open eventually once the heart has been sufficiently opened.
So instead of dwelling in yet another place of “official” worship I made my peace with the fact that in this lifetime I do not need to belong to any of them.

And so the last days have been full of wonder: Angelic messages are coming in, the voice of God is back, quiet and peaceful, books are coming to me about angels and their appearance in peoples’ lives as humans. The mouthpieces of others have always something to tell me if I just listen and don’t let my petty ego get in the way. I realized that wanting to belong to a religion is yet another form of egotistical pattern. It is a way of saying I am right and the others are wrong, unless we are able to accept all religions and paths of faith.

I had been wondering where my angels had gone. Had God forsaken me in this time of illness?
Was he looking the other way?

But yesterday was a day full of wonder and so my Holy Guardian angel conveyed the message form above: “God never forsakes anyone.”

And how could he? It is impossible as God is experiencing himself through us.
He needs to experience all our suffering and all our joy. So how could I ever complain about all my issues when His are so much larger. It is a petty understanding of my own ego to be wanting to not suffer, but in a way my suffering serves the understanding that God never forsakes anyone after all. He is guiding us through our lives and so do the angels. So how could I ever even be so hypocritical to think that I would be forsaken even for one second.
It is impossible.

If you have been struggling with things then maybe it is time to take a few steps back, take a deep breath and relax. And only listen to what is coming from inside. That very quiet voice that hardly ever speaks, that is the voice you need to listen to. It will only say loving and kind things unlike the ego that nags and will want to put you down.

So never listen to that petty voice and go for the kind and loving one that will always have your back.


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