“Love calls-
Everywhere and always.
We’re sky bound.
Are you coming?”

– Rumi

Little steps I take
On uncertain ground.
Underneath my feet.
I struggle to stand
Yet love holds me up.
Fear makes one drown.

Desert dreams long gone
I stare into this Western sky.
So strange to me,
I wonder who invented it.
Strange language,
Strange customs,
So foreign to me.
Yet, I come from this country.

Who am I?
I wonder in this eternal grave of concrete.

Happens to everyone
Once in a while
You say to me.
Deep sadness
Dropping from your mouth.

I wonder how one could be so sad
For an eternity.
Have you forgotten to love?,
I wonder aloud.
You look at me and say
That all needs to go-
No falsehood can be derived out of love.
Truth, as a matter of fact
Is sharp and grants freedom.
All else will diminish
Your sense of power.

Demons hiding
In your closets.
Who are you
If no one else but me?

Are you coming?


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