The dream

Before the wedding I talked to her. She looked full, voluptuous, and as if she was bursting with life. Her hair thick and lush, made into a turban. I was lying in bed and worried, because my hair was in such a disarray in comparison to hers. It looked like a bird’s nest whereas hers was sitting gracefully on her head.
I was worried about our husband that would maybe not like me. I said to her: “You are so beautiful.” She hugged me, kissed me, and said: ” And so are you. He will love you as you are. You are perfect.” I got out of bed, put my wedding gown on and it dawned on me that I would be the second wife. Would I be happy with being the second wife? Shakti danced her dance and rose up through suśumna…
When I woke up, I felt tired but at ease with myself for the first time in weeks.

In Hawaiian lore, it is said that our soul is split into two. It has two spirits: The unihipili, the bodily sheath of a person or that which departs at death.
The uhane or aumakua, that which is eternal, or the oversoul. That which can remain in the astral world if things are left unfulfilled.
I had been saying to my Higher Self to send me some guidance for a few months now. It’s been vague to say the least. In Christian lore the aumakua would be the Holy Guardian Angel.
And so instead of a message during the day, because I am mainly busy with things, she sent me this dream.
It was resplendent and out of the darkness of my own being I was catapulted into love again.
The message, much like the one a few days ago, is: He loves you just the way you are. God loves you in all His forms and ways. There is nothing that we need to add or deduct. It is only our ego and the mind that interfere with this process. My Higher Self looked voluptuous and filled with life as I would imagine her. With thick hair. And then my own Self realized that I needed to put myself first and not others, that I am just well as I am. Just because we are all eternal…

Have you talked to your Higher Self yet?


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