Calling on all lovers

As darkness descended upon the earth, I lay in bed. Shakti had risen through the left channel and my heart opened further. My body was humming in the process and I was wondering why I had been in victim mode for such a long time. My inner strength was restored somehow. I realized that I had been listening to my own fears instead of following the divine path.
The angels by my side are continuously guiding me, so why be sad or fearful? They all got it worked out. I just need to keep on going.

So today I am calling on all lovers and loners.
I know that you are out there. It is a tough time for anyone who is more sensitive, for anyone who is awakening, for anyone who is creative and does not follow “normal” standards. I know that you are all there.
I am calling on you to be there for yourself. You are loved beyond your imagination. You are being looked after by powers that exude unconditional love. You are here to fulfill a purpose. What this purpose is may look different for everyone, but it will be shown over a long period of time.
Have you been feeling lonely, been maybe even self-loathing?

Then now is the time to look within. Look at all the love you have to give, look at all the people that you know. Look at all the wonderful things that you have accomplished already. Look at your inner strength and wisdom. Do not listen to the outside world that often has a sense of caving in on you. It is not very conducive. It is a world that is still built on doing and functioning. Can you function on the same level every day? I cannot. I never have been able to do that and I am coming to terms with it.
You are a unique human being and you just need to find your groove in this world. It is okay to be sad sometimes, to feel whatever it is that you need to feel. Are you in physical pain? Don’t just listen to the doctor. Listen to what your body is telling you.
Currently I am undergoing an extremely large ego dissolution and it has been going on for a few months now. Due to this I am hyper sensitive to pretty much everything.
At the doctor’s I was prescribed a medicine to “calm the nerves” and when I looked it up it said it was an anti depressant. I am not depressed but just having a hard time to fit into a world that’s always based on doing and performance. So I threw it away.
I listen to my feelings, my instincts, sometimes I still rationalize. I have grown up in the West so that is okay as well. But my world is much more powerful than the world that some are trying to push onto me.

So if you are a sensitive, if you are feeling lonely or very different, this is good. It’s okay to not always be on. It is impossible to perform on a daily basis as per our “normal” world. It is okay to be more soft and sensitive.

I am calling on all lovers and loners. On all sensitives, on all those who are of service through your uniqueness.
I am calling on you to stand tall and to stand your own ground. You need to do what you feel is right, not what medicine or other people are telling you. You are not depressed and there is nothing wrong with you. You are just you and you have a different time frame than other people.

Be a lover.
Be an adventurer.
Be soft.
Be gentle.
Be an introvert.

Be whatever you need to be in these times of turmoil for you are carrying the world into a new era of being!

Have you been a lover today?


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