The traps of the ego are many. It is only by staying true to ourselves that we can be born over and over again.

As I walked along the streets being here yet not of this world, I looked at my surroundings and realized once more how energetically sensitive I have become. It is not a matter of switching it on and off anymore. It is just this way all the time. Sometimes I am trying to go back to old ways but I give up pretty quickly as it does not work anymore. It does not fit in with this ever growing new person that I do not know. It is a wondrous person that surprises me a lot, each and every day. Sometimes in not such a great way, sometimes in very amazing ways. It changes all the time. Sometimes thoughts come up where I feel I should be beyond thinking them, but in actuality it is more of an energetic ripple that moves through and then it is gone. Not to be followed, just to be acknowledged and then being let go. Some of the energetic techniques that I have learned do not work anymore- they have either become obsolete or are too much for the body to bear as large amounts of light are streaming through it every day.
But let us go back to walking through the back streets of busy Essen city: As I walked past cars and some people, I had asked for why I was this sensitive again. Even though it has become pretty much my every day experience it had hightened over the past few weeks. It was horrible to be at work with this. I was picking up things from everyone, transmuting it, my body just really really tired. Once more I realized that we are a society of “having to function”. It is impossible for me. Last week it got so bad that I nearly went and applied for living in a spiritual community. The prices scared me though and admittedly a message came through saying that my place is right here and now. Then I was starting to wonder how it must be for a newborn with all these impressions coming into the world. It must be so overwhelming with all this information coming in, don’t you think?
Fine, I thought, I will try and do this. But as I walked past a car it said E-GO 2013. I had a good laugh and took a picture. In 2013 I became ill and it was partially due to my ego. I believe that the same thing is happening in a similar form now: My ego is moving always further into the background and therefore one becomes highly sensitive. It is just the way it is.

After having a good laugh at the universe conveying its messages, I continued to walk along the streets, listening to the trees rustling their leaves and the wind conveying messages of peace and freedom.

Are you undergoing a rebirth?


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