“Great doubt will eventually lead to great awakening.”

– Rabi’a al-Adawiyya

Consumed by doubt
I trapped in darkness.
Fear overwhelming me
As if out of a cruel fantasy.

How could I know
What was real and what not
I had my mind tied up
In a fantastic knot.
I beckon Thee
For help,
For love and surrender
Because of You
I experience Divine splendor.

Rest in peace
You say to me
I wonder if end is near
Or dawn is a new day.
But nonetheless I obey.
Your rules are Yours
Not mine to understand
Great doubt
I hold
But whatever you may have planned
My ego reprimands
But my heart agrees
My soul
May have been deceived.

Love’s counteract
Is the only cure
To freedom.
May it guide you
On the path to

What have been your doubts lately?


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