“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Sometimes we must wander in darkness for a certain period of time. We must come to accept that we have luminosity as well as obscure areas within us. By embracing our shadow, we can emerge from such periods that seem to shatter one’s ego structure and emerge as different beings. The one thing that always carries one through these times of seeming darkness, is this that has been given to humanity and will never die: HOPE.
It is a center peace of the human race, much like love. There is no need for dwelling in despair too long, no need to descend further into our own hell, but to accept that we hold two aspects of creation within us all the time. One cannot exist without the other.
A few years ago in a meditation, I had the realization that all runs as it is on this planet. There is no right or wrong, all evil is the flip side of the heaven that we are able to create as humans. All is running as it should. Certainly, we should not close our eyes to cruelty, poverty, and wars. This is not what I am indicating, but rather that we need to take responsibility for what it is that we are thinking, doing, feeling, and certainly NOT doing. It is a personal choice to be here on this planet, even in these turbulent times. We need to tap into that hope so that we can evolve.
Otherwise we can fall victim to the despair that is now emerging from the collective conscious.
We need to understand that we are all one part of each other, all a part of the whole that even goes beyond our beautiful planet earth and moves out into the cosmos.
We need to seek peace in all situations, as difficult as they may seem. We need to seek freedom from an illusion that we have created- at the moment it seems that we have created one of struggle and limitation. We need to seek shelter in our own hearts so that we can find love and truth so that we can experience comfort.
Not everything on human path is easy. Even if one is moving in spiritual circles. It is a tough journey that will demand discipline. Albeit gentle discipline and be at ease with what life brings us. We need to see that the world keeps on turning. She will survive us- we may vanish into oblivion after a while but she will continue.
So today’s message is one of hope that may shine the light of consciousness into the darkest corners of your heart. The them become illuminated and forget about old grudges, about your anger, about guilt and shame. Let yourself be free.

Have you felt hope today?


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