Thief of dreams

“As a child I saw God,
I saw angels;
I watched the mysteries of higher and lower realms.
I believed that everyone saw the world this way. But then I realized that they saw nothing…”

– Shams-e-Tabrizi

“I love you”,
The angel said to me.
But I just looked
At him quizzically.
“Escape”, he said,
“You must
Your inner hate
For otherwise you
May not encounter
Your fate.”

Recklessly I cried
Both night and day.
He said: “Godspeed”.
And left me alone
To my dismay.

Gentleness I
Need to learn
Otherwise my life
May be of much concern.
Open eyes and open heart,
From this world
We must all depart.

Silently I
Drifted off to
Sleep and
Felt like a thief
In my own dreams.

Have you seen other worlds yet?


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