We are endless

One morning I woke up and wanted
Out of my misery.
I did not know what to
In Life.
One person granted wishes,
another one would set you free,
yet another one could cure
Your misery.

Healers and shamans alike,
I forgot about my own might.
I gave my power away
To someone else’s mystery.
What was my own I did not know
And bought into the whole

Got lost on the way
To my inner sanctuary.

So now let me take back
My inner strength.
I only adhere to love
And only that is my own.
No healer, no shaman, no witch,
Has access to that which
We all possess.

Spirits unconditional love,
A Higher Self
That we must trust.
No other thing
No other person
Can make one happy.
I only trust my inner light
And dwell on eternity
That has always been
And always will be.

Have you trusted your inner power recently?
If not, return to yourself. The answer lies within.


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