Little miracles

“Whatever you think concerning Allah-
know that He is different from that!”

– Ibn Ata Allah Al-Iskandar

This year I am learning to watch out for the little miracles in life, no matter how difficult my circumstances may be:
Yesterday, my body feeling very tired, I had to go to work. There was some grand healing taking place as after lunch I had a heart opening, the heart beating twice, in the rhythm of divine love. Curiously, I had not done anything in particular, just following life and hopefully finally surrendering to the will of divine consciousness rather than trying to enforce my will upon it. It always makes me feel more miserable. One day I just knew that what I had to do was to surrender to all that is and that I cannot change things as they are. I just needed to stay open to this Divine love that is constantly pouring in but that we are just too busy to understand.
So even though I am struggling physically with my job, in the meantime while searching for another (and that will come at the right time, divinely guided), I understood that I needed to appreciate the little miracles of every day life. Sometimes I wonder whether my life has not been too grand for my very young life… People were very sweet in general yesterday and a lot of children came into the store. I do feel that they still see energy, because they always look at me with a smile. It also seems to make my energy grow larger and softer, so I always try to remain in this mystery that life holds. They get glittering eyes, they start smiling and either become peaceful or start becoming very energetic when they see me. We usually all laugh a lot.
Late afternoon one of the regulars came in and we had a little chat. She decided to seek out an ayurvedic practitioner I had recommended and seemed very happy to go. It made me smile that she was embarking on this path.
Afterwards a couple came walking into the store. I felt that their love was still young, very soft and fragile, there had been no disturbance between the two and they were so sweet and gentle with each other. They were nearly fifty from what I could make out. As I always love hearing peoples’ stories, I asked them where they were from. Persia they answered. When I asked if they lived here in the city, he answered yes, but that she was living a few hours away. They had just become engaged they told me with a huge smile on their faces. Because they lived a bit farther from each other, I enquired how they met. They told me that they met on facebook. I was so stunned that this could happen, that for a few moments I held my breath. But I felt my whole being vibrate with their love and I felt just so overwhelmed with happiness for them. I told them so and asked them about their wedding. It would take place next year and the Lady was going to move to Essen next month. That was my little miracle in the afternoon and afterwards I just felt extremely happy and even though my body feels weary, it invigorated my spirit.

In that moment my heart understood that this is also Divine Consciousness- something perfectly engineered at a later age. Maybe they needed to learn other lessons first in order to open their hearts to each other. They were both so beautiful in that glow of their love that I nearly wept with joy.

So whatever you think God may be, He is definitely not that.
We cannot have an expression of God consciousness that would fit this miracle. Maybe God only conveys things in miracles, I was wondering when I walked home.

On the way back there was the festival of lights going on in the city and some very beautiful artwork was displayed. The last one I saw, led me through the park near to my place that I enjoyed in absolute silence with only another person around. A beautiful finish to my miracle day, the trees were rustling their leafs in the dark and I spotted a few little rabbits running away from my solitary steps that made no noise on the grassy grounds. How happy life can be…

What was your little miracle today?


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