The light

“And I turned to see the voice that spoke to me. And as I turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks,
And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one resembling the Son of man, wearing a long vestment and girded round his breast with a golden girdle.”

– Revelation 2:12-13

Whenst you came from
Thus the angel spake
You shall return to
For you are free.

You are the pillar
That walketh in liberty
Let not your fears
Come in between.

Let this love
Guide you on your path of
Let the rose bloom
And forget about your daily

Walk tall and free
For no one
Can imagine your life
But He.

Tears of joy rolling down my face,
I watched as the angel
Let fall her disguise.
I trembled in fright
For her light
Became so bright
That I felt blinded
By her sight.

Have you lost your faith or found it again?


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