Pillars of Light

In my darkest hour I saw three pillars of light:
One that shone from below,
One within me,
and one from above.

It shone so bright
That all seemed to vanish
In its sight.
Nothing within me
And nothing around me
Was left.

Who was I
But that light?
No organs
No cells,
No other than light.

I looked at the angel
By my side.
Even she must have been
Part of all this light.

She disappeared once I shone
And left without a word
For me to be forlorn.
I cried for my own loneliness
And all that is.
No doubt
I wonder whose it is.

Is it the world’s loneliness
Or mine,
So I decided just to shine
This light upon everyone I meet.

No questions asked,
I admit

Death was

At the end of the day,
My ego’s wrath
spilled out dismay
For the beauty of this
New world.

Jerusalem hails
And my I 
Must die. 

Bathing in light, 
I felt Christ’s soft might
Touching me upon my
Own cross
To bear,
Trapped inside
I did not dare
To ask for eternity,
Because I knew
That all must be paid
In due

Nothing can be mine.
all is His. 


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