I got the news:

A Lama is passing that I felt very close to. I never met him. His teacher had passed many years ago and I felt even closer to him. I had wished that I met them both.
Lama Zopa Rinpoche entered his final meditation. I feel like he knew that this was going to be it. He was already close to home.

I felt really touched and feeling terribly sad. Another being of light passing away. I understand the teachings of impermanence, of bodhicitta. He had developed both perfectly. When I was still studying Buddhism, I watched many videos of both teachers, did the practices they recommended. And now both are gone. Lama Yeshe had a rebirth in a householder’s body. So what does Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s fate entail? I am certain that he already knows.

Still, it really touched me when I saw the news.

Sometimes I wonder: How can I be so extremely upset by someone’s (near) death when I never knew him personally. I guess it is because we are all made of one single light.

So, here is my prayer for Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

May your passing be swift.
May you move through the Bardos quickly.
May you navigate your rebirth as you wish.
May you be reborn under favorable circumstances.
May you once more develop perfect bodhicitta.
May you once more touch peoples’ hearts.

Farewell Lama Zopa Rinpoche- maybe see you soon!


Melancholic Monday


Melancholic Monday
I bow in tenderness
To my heart.

All encompassing wisdom
The I disappears and melts in love.
Trusting my Self
To lead me to
To guide me
Through my own heart.

All sadness
Must depart
And yet return
In order to discern
Emotions of love,
Of agony,
Of stillness,
And Grace.

And so I embrace
Death’s agony
With love and devotion.

Crucifixion and
Be my guiding star.